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Jack our Mascot and Club Trademark

I'm sorry to inform everyone but my sweet black lab, Jack, will be going to join Hershey today in dog heaven.  Jack's health has been declining, and I had to stop bringing him to the club. He has been living a quiet life at home, but his health has deteriorated to the point that, as hard as it is to do, the humane thing is to let him go from his earthly life.

Jack has been a part of this club and my best friend for 15 years.  Jack taught kids hand eye coordination with his amazing ability to catch a tennis ball.  He was always the star of summer camps!  You all probably have memories of Jack swimming in the pool, chasing the deer at the club, and stealing someone's hotdog or cookie when they weren't looking.  Plus, we learned early never to put your cup of beer down around Jack, thanks to his early days living in the frat house at USC-Upstate with our son, Christopher, and his buddies. There are thousands of t-shirts, towels, and trophies that have Jack's picture on them. When you see Jack's reserved parking place at the club, you know he will always be a part of the Rawls Creek Tennis and Swim Club legacy.  I will miss him, but I will never forget him.

Freddy and Janie